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Follow these directions
to copy an AUDIO file
to your computer.
Most operating systems include an audio player.
These directions should work with whatever you're using.
Please E-Mail GOR if you are having problems copying a file.

Right Click the Progress Bar
Right Click the Progress Bar
Left Click Save Audio
Left Click [Save Audio As...]
Choose Download Folder and Go...

     Name and download the file into whatever folder you
  choose. I recommend the "Download" folder. Once your
  audio is there, you can move it to the folder where you
  keep audio files.
     It is easier to save .wav and .mid files. You'll get a text
  box that lets you decide whether to play or save the file.

You'll have to make up your own mind.
Play OR Save??
OK! Now take your cursor and try it... cursor
TEST 1 mp3
TEST 2 wav
TEST 3 mid
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