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These are some images I thought you might find interesting.

Click to see a larger version.

Gramps on Mt. Eddy
Here I am, helping the Forest Service by knocking over the old spotters hut atop Mt. Eddy in the Marble Mountains. That's Mt. Shasta in the background.
Grams & Gramps on Mt. Douglas
Grandma Sheri brought Brendan & Alison for a visit in 2002. We rode the chair to the top of Douglas Peak. That's Coyote Peak, Eagle Peak and Shasta (again) in the background.
Mt. Shasta From Space
Here is an image from Google Earth of Mt. Shasta. You can see the ski area at the bottom. This gives a little perspective on the last picture.
Gramps in Winslow, AZ
Here I am in Winslow, AZ next to a life sized bronz statue of Glenn Frey, Eagles lead singer and co-writer of Take it Easy. Without that song, no one who didn't live there or break down on I40 would have ever heard of Winslow. Advise, avoid Winslow. Why was I in Winslow? My car and all my stuff were stolen there during a blizzard.
Bangladesh ICU
Here I am in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the ICU at the Zammon Clinic after one of my heart attacks.
Bangla Tea House
Here I am in a relatively luxurious roadside tea house on the road to Jamalpur in Bangladesh during the summer of 1993.
2000 Angioplasty
This is an X-ray image of my angioplasty and stents, done in the fall of 2000. I re-stenosed the next spring but all that blood flow felt great while it lasted. Have done it again several times but it doesn't help.
White Homestead
This is the Google Earth view of the White Family Homestead. Aunt Margaret still lives there and Cousin Tim Farms it. White's have been there since the 1880's.
Nap w/ furry grandkids
Here I am with my furry grand-kids. We take a nice nap most afternoons.
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."