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In the spring of 2013 I had to sell my
Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic motorcycle.
It was almost as bad as seperating from a beloved pet.
I had sad nightmares and was depressed for months.

Here are just a few images of my baby.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

New Bike
"NEW" bike
from an auto recycler in
Chambersburg, PA. Built from
wrecked road kill on Hwy. 30.
Gramp's and GKs
Showing off to
Towed Home
"Towed" Home
Forgot to turn lights off.
Yosemite Sam
was painted by an inmate
at Maryland Correctional
Training Center where I
got a new paint job for just
the cost of materials.
V-Star Rear View
Rear 3/4 view
showing bags and chrome
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."