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Whitetail Ski Resort is my all time favorite ski area.
For intermediates and beginners, it has as much vertical as any
big western resort. They were also willing to employ me.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Mixing Bowl
The Mixing Bowl - from Windows
This is where the Skiers sort themselves out.
Easy Rider
Easy Rider Quad - from Windows
Serves great low-intermediate terrain.
Velvet - from Windows
Velvet is a perfect beginner run off the You-Me Double Chair.
Window View
Mixing Bowl & Withetail Express
This is the view the from Ski School Desk in 2004.
Snow Making
Snow Making
Whenever the temperature is below freezing and the relative humidity is low, Whitetail makes show. And that rhymes.
Windows Fireplace
Windows Fireplace
Upstairs, in the Windows portion of the lodge, you can warm by this terrific fireplace. Starbucks is downstairs.
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."