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GOR's Plagiarized Ringtones Opus 1
TV Themes
J & W 1 J&W R'tone 1
J & W 2 J&W R'tone 2
J & W 3 J&W R'tone 3
J&W Theme J&W Theme
Miss Fisher 1 Miss Fisher's R'tone 1
Miss Fisher 2 Miss Fisher's R'tone 2
Miss Fisher 3 Miss Fisher R'tone 3
Miss Fisher's Theme Miss Fisher's Theme
Lone Ranger 1 The Lone Ranger R'tone 1
Lone Ranger Theme The Lone Ranger Theme
Bonanza Bonanza R'tone
Beverly Hillbillies Beverly Hillbillies R'tone
Working on Lucy I Love Lucy R'tone
PGunn RT Peter Gunn R'tone
PGunThm Henry Manncini Peter Gunn Theme
????? ?????
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