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GOR's Plagiarized Ringtones Opus 1
TV Themes

  IMPORTANT: An MP3 player is required
 to listen to any of GOR's ringtones

                                         Most operating systems include an MP3 player.
                                    YOU, on the other hand, might want to install another MP3 player
                                    for some odd reason that GOR won't understand.
                                         GOR's files should work with any MP3 player, but occasionaly,
                                    issues have arisen with Winamp and iTunes.
                                         Please E-Mail GOR if you are having problems with playback.

(Keep your other problems to yourself.)

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J & W 1 J&W R'tone 1
J & W 2 J&W R'tone 2
J & W 3 J&W R'tone 3
J&W Theme J&W Theme
Miss Fisher 1 Miss Fisher's R'tone 1
Miss Fisher 2 Miss Fisher's R'tone 2
Miss Fisher 3 Miss Fisher R'tone 3
Miss Fisher's Theme Miss Fisher's Theme
Lone Ranger 1 The Lone Ranger R'tone 1
Lone Ranger 2 The Lone Ranger R'tone 2
Lone Ranger 3 The Lone Ranger R'tone 3
Lone Ranger Theme The Lone Ranger Theme
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."