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    I left SFX on June 20, 1993 and arrived in Dhaka mid-day on June 22 after spending 6 hours in Thiland waiting for my Beman (Bangladesh's national airline which had only one) plane to be repaired. The pictures here are of my arrival and first impressions of Bangladesh.
    The moment I cleared customs in Dhaka I was whisked off to Trans World Express (TWX from now on), Titas (pronounced ti-tash) gas (pronounced gash) and then to an incredable old warehouse left over from the Raj where the control panel had been stored. The packing case had been broken open and the protective sheeting had been torn.
    We called it a day and returned on the 23rd to get about 2 tons of stuff moved to downtown Dhaka. "We" disassembled the cabinet, moved it to Titas, and reassembled it there.
    "We" was about 25 laborers, technicians, and engineers none of whom had ever used a screw driver. A hammer, yes, a screwdriver, no.

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No Jwalk
Don't jay walk in Bangkok.
1st View
My 1st View of Bangladesh.
Dhaka Flood
The flooding had started before I arrived.
This carport was the secure storage for a quarter million dollars worth of equipment.
The Guard
This is the security specialist charged with keeping the panel and cabinets safe.
This crew of street laborers unpacks the equipment.
The crew learns to use screw drivers.
The Panel
The control panel is a map of Bangladesh with switches and lights to control the flow of gas.
The Muscle
These gentlemen were crew chiefs for The Muscle that did the heavy lifting.
(chiefs did NOT lift.)
Load Panel
The Muscle loads the panel and cabinet onto a typical painted Bedford truck.
The Crew
The cheifs. The labor contractor is surrounded by TWX engineers. The contractor was stoned on beatlenut leaves and calcium carbonate.
The Muscle was still working.
     Notice the bricks paving the courtyard? Bangladesh has lots of clay and at one time all of the paved roads were covered with this beautiful red brick. Unfortunately, it didn't stand up under the weight of modern traffic. Long streatches of red roads winding through lush green breadfruit forests is a lost luxury of the British Raj.
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