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     When the panel and cabinet parts finally arrived at Titas, it was a daunting job to move them to the 7th floor in a building with no elevators nor air-conditioning. Once we got everything to the 7th floor, we (in this case I and Nasim Hoq) re-assembled it, installing the panel in the cabinet and I began wiring the connections. We had it all done by late afternoon - except that there was no power supply for the radio or telemetry. They did bring in a new window airconditioner - the only one in the building.

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View from Titas Gas
The veiw from THE window in the control room on the 7th floor of Titas Gas.
Carrying Panel
The control panel gets carried up to the 7th floor.
Last Flight!
The Muscle is still smiling at the last flight of stairs.
Checking Radio
(fg to bg) Shahudad Hussain, Nasim Hoq, Bill Roberts, and Shahinul Islam check my telemetry panel with the control panel in the background.
Nasim Explains
Nasim Hoq was the young engineer who was assigned to keep me out of trouble. Here he explains the contorl system. He's wrong but I let it go. He learns how it works later.
GOR Explains
Here I explain the wiring diagram to Nasim and Shahinul Islam (Shahin) who is the cheif engineer on the project. I go to his wedding later.
Bill & Nasim
Bill Roberts was the radio guy. He was also housed with me. He had some health problems and never could get the radios to work. Here he's explaining the radio setup to Nasim.
Titas Brass
The Titas Gas brass came around late in the day to see how we were doing. I don't remember their names now. Bill is pooped on the back desk.
All Done
If I were a better person, I would have written down all of these fellows' names. As it is, years later I can only remember Shahin and me. I'm 2nd from the left, 40 pounds lighter but with darker hair.
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."