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     Every roadway in Bangladesh was lined with people going and coming and with merchants ready to serve them. Most transportation was by foot although there many who rode busses and some rode trains. Except on the main highway, were speeds were too high, every conveyance was covered with riders - on top, on the back, on the sides (seldom on the hood - but sometimes). Goods were moved by huge flatbed trucks (made by Bedford, in England). Some were relics of the Raj.
     These "on the road" pictures show typical commerce on and along Bangla highways.

Click on a thumb to see a larger version.

Breadfruit To Market
This is a typical scene - old truck, narrow country lane (though this is a main highway) - filled with breadfruit (the national fruit of Bangladesh). The season is short and the stuff rots fast so they have to get it to market quick. We followed (and passed blind) hundreds of these trucks during my first weeks.
Bolts of Silk
Bolts of finished cloth are peddled to market on bicycle rickshaws.
Cotton to Market
Bangladesh has few cash crops. This cotton represents one of the very few commodities it can sell on the world market.
Firewood to Market
These guys are UNloading firewood. People cook on very small fires, on the floor, in their homes - even in modern homes and appartments in the city. If thy are lucky enough to have an actual floor, they put down a tile to hold the fire.
Farmers' Market 1
This is a scene from a typical market town on a market day. During breadfruit season, every day was a market day. Notice how the market encroaches on the road.
Farmers' Market 2
The activity intensifies as you near the center. The covered truck was unusual and caused speculation among my crew that day. They suspected smugglers from India.
Farmers' Market 3
Retail breadfruit and I don't know what the stuff with green husks is in the background. And, I don't know what the wheely thing in the background is either but there are little ones by the shop on the right.
Farmers' Market 4
Pineapple vender. I saw very few pudgy people in Bangladesh.
Yarn & Firewood
Here are two manufacturing enterprises side by side - yarn and firewood.
Riverside Lumber Yard
Finished lumber (poles) is awaiting redistribution at a riverside lumberyard and dock.
Rice Planting in Bhaluka
One man tends these paddies along the road outside the walls of the Bhaluka gas pumping station.
Sugar Popped Rice
Many roadside venders wonder the country selling what they can. This fellow sold sugar popped rice. Colored with food coloring, it is tasty, festive, and filthy. (The guy on the right is the one with the cow from before.)
Shahin & Punjab buy fish.
Shahinul Islam and our day's driver, Punjab, buy a fish from a lucky young angler. Shahin allowed himself to be out bargained and paid a premium for the fish because of the sellers age.
Roadside Barber
Barbers lined the road in one section of the market. I stopped counting at twenty on one side but they were on both sides.
Typical Shop
Shops like this appear frequently in and near small villages. They are open quite late and carry a surprising assortment of useful stuff.
RCW @ Safeway
Being more up-scale, I shopped at Safeway in a fancy mall.
Typical Teahouse
I often dined in tea houses like this one where they served goat, vegitables, tea and fried bread.
Up-scale Teahouse
I sometimes got to eat in fine resteraunts like this one where I ate goat and chicken won-tons with Rachid and the waiter stuck his fingers in the glasses.
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