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Ferry Crossing

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     Ferry riding was a frequent event. We had to cross the Jamuna and the Bramaputra to get to several of the sites. They were little like the ferries I have ridden through the San Juan Islands. They were entirely open. The "restroom" was a hole in the floor behind a partition. Cars, trucks, rickshaws, people, livestock, and venders all crowded onto the single deck.

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Bramaputra Ferry
There are 10s if not hundreds of ferries crossing the Bramaputra. This landing was near Jamalpur. You can see the the typical layout. That's the head on the left.
Jamuna, Looking North
Looking north along the Jamuna, you can see the rice silos lining the river in the distance. We left the western (left) bank at the group of white buildings.
Jamuna Traffic 2
Mid river, the traffic was light. There were dows (if that's how you spell them)...
Jamuna Traffic 3
... and junks carrying all kinds of goods and passengers.
Cattle Boat
As we neared the landing, traffic grew heavy. We almost collided with this cattle boat.
Busy Landing
Our comercial ferry had priority to land first so all of the other, smaller, traffic had to wait for us. I counted 30 boats of all sizes.
Ready to Disembark
The passengers all crowded to the front, anxious to get off before the trucks, cars, and cattle all treid to drive off at once.
The Landing
The river had washed the main landing away so we walked off onto a dirt pad which connected to the road. These oxen were the last off.
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