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     Most of the roads in Bangladesh were in a constant state of either ruin or repair. Machinery was expensive but muscle power was cheap. Here are a few of hundreds of scenes of painfully skinny men carrying amazingly heavy loads under excruciatingly dangerous conditions.

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Bricks for Paving
This stack of bricks is waiting to be used to surface the nearby road. They have been waiting for many years because there are too few to do the job and no money for more.
Bricks in Dhaka
These bricks have been salvaged from the water line project. (Another contract on which TWX was working. They will be used to re-surface the trench and then paved over with asphalt (bitumen).
Hand Rollers
There were no large motorized rollers to smooth the surface so they used these drums, filled with water. The workers were all bare-foot without gloves or shirts or any protection of any kind.
Tar Heads
The workers carried the hot asphalt in baskets on their heads to pour on the road-bed. Two lines formed to and from the asphalt machine, heated with wood or coal.
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