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Nasim's Baby

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     Nasim Hoq was the young engineer who I was supposed to be training and who was to "mind" me (as in, keep me out of trouble). He had been secretly married before I arrived and unknown to TWX, his wife was pregnant. I kept quiet about visits to his brother's in Mymensing where we would drop him off and I'd go on alone. I bribed the drivers to keep quiet and I suppose they did, sort of.
Mymensing is an old colonial capital, rich in history and crime. It had a regional hospital where Nasim's baby was to be born.

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Nasim's Brother's Family
Nasim's brother was a doctor at Mymensing hospital - a great pile of stone left over from the raj. He and his wife (also a doctor) and their two children lived in a tiny apartment just off the main highway.
Nacim's Brother and Niece
I had a nice chat with Nacim's brother about my raging blood pressure. He examined me then went off for a family meeting with Nacim and his wife. I cooed, cuddled and played with the baby. My blood pressure dropped to normal.
Mr. & Mrs. Hoq
On another visit, just before the baby was due, I met Nacim's wife who had come to stay with her future brother-in-law. She was 16.
Nasim as New Dad
Nasim obtained official permission to visit his new daughter the day she was born. I don't know if TWX knew he hadn't been accompanying me. Anyway, I got to visit the happy family in the hospital on the second day. Here is Nasim and my god-daughter, Jasmine. I endowed her while I was there, not knowing when I'd ever hear from them all again.
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."