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     When in Dhaka, I lived very well indeed. I had an apartment in one of the poshest neighborhoods in the country with a maid, a house-man, and an assistant house-man. Whenever I was in, all of my meals, my wash, my every whim, were catered. Fortunately, I had few whims.

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Muhammad Ali at Gate
This is Muhammad Ali, the house man, at my apartment in the Saudi-Bangladesh Friendship Center Guest House. It was (and is) in Banani model village. Only very rich people and embassies could afford to live in this area. That's Jamal in the background, Mr. Ali's assistant.
Ali in the Kitchen
Mr. Ali was very proud of the kitchen. There was a refrigerator, gas stove, sink with running water but no table or chairs. We ate in the formal dining room. My housemate, Bill Roberts and I always had Ali and Jamal eat with us. This confused them.
Ali Cooks
Mr. Ali never used any of the fancy kitchen's amenaties. He kept an ice chest in the refrigerator since it was never plugged in. He cooked on the floor because he didn't trust the range. He'd heard of one blowing up. Probably a true story.
Ali's New Clothes
Mr. Ali was quite the fashion plate. He was a special friend of the owner of TWX who also owned the apartment. After being out with the boss, Ali would return with a new outfit. Ali's mom was the owners maid.
Our Maid
Our maid was NOT Ali's mom. She worked very hard even though she was very sick. She was also very proud. This job was an excellent one and much better than she could have hoped for in the general way of things.
Fatima the Guard's Wife
Fatima lived in the store room behind the apartment building with her husband, the guard. All of the large houses had at least one armed guard. When he found out that I had taken her picture he was furious, mistaking my motives. I gave him copies when they were printed and explained that I was only taking pictures and he became very respectful.
Neighborhood Kids
This young man was employed to clean the grounds. Here he poses with his baby sister and little brother in the gate. Across the street you can see the Post Graduate Dental Surgery and Maternity Services building. They responded first to my heart attack.
I did most of my programming in my home office. The electrical service was more reliable and there were fewer interruptions than at the TWX office.
TWX Office
My office at TWX was quite large but there was no light. I had to work by the window. My notes don't say what this engineer's name was but I remember that he was very friendly and helpful.
This tiktiki (gecko) lived in the bathroom at the apartment. We became quite good friends. He ate lots of bugs and there were a lot of bugs to eat.
View from Window
The view from my bedroom window was quite bucolic. It was easy to forget that I was on the edge of over ten million people.
Neighbors Looking South
You can see the fence between this "development" and the apartment in the previous picture. I was told that more than 1500 people lived on this 1 acre lot. You can see the apartment building and the Saudi-Bangladesh Friendship Center in the background.
Neighbors Looking North
This is the squaters' village looking north. The owner of our apartment was also an owner of the large building in the background.
Neighborhood Market
At the end or our street, Road 17 in Block C, there was a terrific market. I bought vegetable naan and various snacks and never got sick.
Banani Street View
Here is the current Google Street View of my neighborhood. The squaters have been replaced by two high-rise buildings. You can see the market toward the upper right in the full frame view. Also notice the horrific traffic at the intersection of Kemal Ataturk Ave and the Dhaka-Mymensingh Hwy.
Hair Cut
I finally got around to getting my hair cut after 4 weeks. I'd planned to be home by then but the heart attack threw off my schedule.
More Hair Cut
It was the best haircut I have ever had. It included trimming my ear and nose hair and an upright massage. The barber even massaged my fingers.
Haircut Crew
Of course, after the haircut, everyone had to pose for a picture. That's me, the barber, Jamal, and the barber's two assistants.
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."