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     There isn't much to do in Dhaka unless you want to people-watch. There are a few restaurants but non would let me take pictures. There was a park and the botanical gardens and the zoo. There was also a ballet and symphony but they were not in season and I didn't want to attend soccer because there were riots at every game.

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The US Embassy
The US Embassy was very imposing. Red brick colonial style. There was always a line of visa seekers who wanted to emigrate here. Very few ever made it.
The Chinese Embassy
The Chinese embassy looked a lot friendlier and it was bigger. We didn't go in. The US Embassy is across the road in the background.
Dhaka City Dump
The Dhaka city dump is bigger than all of the embassies. There is no fence or any barrier seperating it from the street. Trash often spills onto the road, blocking traffic. Thousands of people make their home on and in the dump. There is a thriving business retreiving plastic bags and bottles to be recycled into fleece clothing.
The Only Playground
This is the only municipal playground, I was told. Apparently it has never been used as a playground since the drainage is so poor that most of the time it is under water. Herders use it for their cattle.
Dhaka Zoo Entrance
This is the entrance to the Dhaka Zoo. These boys saw my camera and insisted that I take their picture.
Tease the Lion
One of the great attractions at the zoo was the lion. It seemed to be perfectly acceptable to poke it with sticks to get it to roar and attack those who tormented it but were safely outside the cage.
Climb Into Cage
In the antelope exibit, people climbed over the fence and chased the animals. I never saw any animals chase people.
New Zoo Friends
As usual, when the camera came out, we had a lot of new friends.
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