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    Bangaldesh suffered some of the worst flooding in its history while I was there. Most of the sewers are open ditches so the the smell was almost overwhelming. Thousands of people died but the roads and streets were as crowded as ever.

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Floods in Dhaka
The monsoons caused wide-spread flooding in Dhaka and throughout the country.
More Flooding
Traffic was heavy despite the rain and water-filled streets. Nothing detered the pedicabs.
Even More Flooding
Often, the pedicabs did better than the cars. This car's engine stalled in the intersection.
Flooded Paddies
Hundreds of thousands of acres of flooded paddies meant that rice production would fall below the self-sufficiency level yet again.
Flooded Roadway
Those are rice paddies on either side of this road. The raised road bed provied an excellent platform for fishermen.
Fishermen in the Flood
Many set up their "fry" nets to catch fingerlings - a favorite delicacy, mashed and fried.
Fishing Boat
Some enterprising sole even sailed his boat from the river to the road.
Cooking Catch
This father and son cooked their catch on the spot.
Driver Washes Car
We took a break to take in the scene and the driver took the opportunity to wash the car.
Car Wash Advice
A crowd gathered to watch this amazing event. Apparently, city folks washing a car in a flood was an entertaining diversion.
Nasim & RCW Wash Driver
Nasim and I took the opportunity to wash the driver.
New Flood Friends
As usual, a crowd gathered for a group portrate. Whenever the camera came out, everybody swarmed around.
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