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Bangla Wedding

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     Shahinul Islam was the engineer in charge of all field operations for TWX. He had a job offer in Canada but wasn't sure he wanted to emigrate to a country where he thought he would face discrimination. His fiancÚ was all for it. I made a comment about subsurviant wives in Islam and everyone laughed. Apparently, in good families, the wives are not subsurviant. There are, however, clearly defined gender rolls. Shahin's bride was (is?) a lawyer.

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Shahin at Work
Shahin was handsome, hardworking, intelligent, patient and tactful. He spoke English flawlessly as well as French, German, Russian and a little Chinese in addition to Bangla and several dialects. Apparently he was quite a catch.
Wedding Buddies
Shahin's family, but mostly Shahin, had to pony up to rent a hall for 3 days, food for 3 days, fancy dress, flowers, etc., etc., etc.. This "arbor" was set up for the groom. Shahin had to sit through having his picture taken with every male guest.
Bride's Reception Line
The TWX crowd was invited on the Bride's Day because of the work schedule and because Shahin thought that we would find it more interesting. We arrived late, after a long day in the field, to find this crowd waiting to greet the bride and groom.
The Bride's Party
The bride and her family all gathered in the bride's arbor awaiting the ceremony.
Shahin Joins the Bride
Shahin climbed in with the bride and her female relatives. I didn't understand the words but there was a lot of giggling among the women.
Share Goat Cheese
Part of the ceremony was sharing goat cheese. It was in appearance like feeding each other the cake at a western wedding. I'm not sure of the significance here.
Shahin Presents the Ring
After the goat cheese and giggling, Shahin sliped THE ring onto his new wife's intricately decorated finger. Click for the larger image to see the designs on her hand.
Toast the Bride
Shahin toasted the bride with chamgagne - a shocking western innovation in an otherwise traditional ceremony. Notice the bride's bowed head. This produced much amusement among Shahin's friends who assured me that she was anything but submissive.
Mr. & Mrs. Islam
The newly united couple is congratulated by the assembled throng. Unfortunately, I caught Shahin in mid-blink. In reality he seemed relaxed and relieved.
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."