GOR's Bangladesh Gallery

Bangladesh Gallery

    00-Arrive Dhaka
    10-Install Panel
    20-On The Road
      22-Ferry Crossing
      23-Road Work
      25-Field Work
      29-Nasim's Baby
    30-At Home
      31-Dhaka Streets
      32-Around Dhaka
    40-Heart Attack
    60-Bangla Wedding


   90-Last Day
   Bangla Journal

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     I love signs, especially in a foreign country where they understand some English but not in the way that we do here in the States. Also, they are not constrained by our trade-mark laws. These are some of my favorites.

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Candid Dealings
These folks will tell you like it is.
You Gotta Keep It Up These Days
You gotta keep it up these days.
Quaker Tapioca
It says oats but it's tapioca and it's not General Mills.
Pizza Hut
The "pizza" had unseasoned tomato sauce or masalla sauce. No pepperini.
Mixed Practice
Mixed Practice
Who thought that Safeway had international cachet?
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