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Bangladesh Gallery

    00-Arrive Dhaka
    10-Install Panel
    20-On The Road
      22-Ferry Crossing
      23-Road Work
      25-Field Work
      29-Nasim's Baby
    30-At Home
      31-Dhaka Streets
      32-Around Dhaka
    40-Heart Attack
    60-Bangla Wedding


   90-Last Day
   Bangla Journal

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     The Bangla were handsome, friendly, and smart or not, pretty much like everyone else. They coped with crushing poverty and folk-ways which strangled any attempt at improvement.

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Rock Crusher
There were hundreds of buildings going up in Bangladesh when I was there. All that concrete needed aggrigate. This is how the aggrigate was produced. This rock crusher was on the job from before I arrived and was still at it on my last day. His job is to turn all of the big rocks into small ones.
Punjab Eats Rice
Punjab was one of my favorite characters. He was young and incredably insensitive. He was always in trouble for one thing or another. Here he eats his lunch with his right hand, as we all did. Notice the refined manners.
A Young Fisherman
Children in Bangladesh were free to wander from an early age. They were wonderfully self-sufficient. This young man fishes for fry from a flooded roadway.
Kool Kats
These young men had invested most of their money in clothes and wanted everyone to know how cool they were.
US Embassy Guards
These guys were guarding the entrance to the US Embassy.
Camera Fans
This crew was very interested in having their picture taken just outside the gate to the site at Jamalpur. They got copies some days later.
Little Jewels
The next four images are of brothers and sisters. These two little jewels were escaping monsoon rains in a doorway while waiting for their ride across the street from Little Jewels primary school. The brother hid when he saw my camera.
Tending Family Goat
These two belonged to the guard at Tarakandi. They lived in a hut against the compound wall with at least 4 other siblings, their mom, and maternal grandparents.
Ducks to Market
This pair was miles from town, on their way to sell these two ducks. We asked the price but they wouldn't sell because their parents had said to sell the ducks at market. We gave them a Taka (40) each.
Mind the Store
These gorgeous kids were minding their dad's fruit stand while he took a break.
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