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Last Day

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     After 96 hectic days, I finally get to go home. I had moved to the Sonargon Hotel for the last week to be near my boss, Bill Drake. I packed all of the gear and worked at Bhaluka and Mymenshing on the day before we left. I was ready to go.

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Jalil Loads my Stuff
Jalil and I had spent 14 hours together one day that week, driving to Jamalpur. He had driven yesterday to the disasterous demonstration at Bhaluka. There was no electricity to run all of those expensive electronics.
Finally Loaded
I'm finally loaded up. Goodbuys said. Ready for the next adventure - a CABG.
Final Sunset
On my last long day on the road, we were traveling south from Mymensing when we came across these fishermen ending their day. It is my favorite image from the whole trip and seems to wind things up nicely.
"Remember, GOR loves you and wants you to be happy."