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Bangladesh Gallery

   00-Arrive Dhaka
   10-Install Panel
   20-On The Road
     22-Ferry Crossing
     23-Road Work
     25-Field Work
     29-Nasim's Baby
   30-At Home
     31-Dhaka Streets
     32-Around Dhaka
   40-Heart Attack
   60-Bangla Wedding
   90-Last Day
   Bangla Journal

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    In 1993, I spent from mid June through mid September in Bangladesh. It was a transforming experience. I did a lot of good work (which came to nothing), I had a heart attack, and I took lots of pictures. There are specks on all of the photos because theives sprayed a fire extinguisher into my car when they stole it,,,2004 in Winslow, AZ.

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GOR's Bangla Gallery
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